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Friday, December 02, 2005

Remedial Driver's Ed

I was driving home last night, and unfortunately I was behind a big ass SUV or truck or something. You know, one of those oversized vehicles that the 4'3" woman behind the wheel has no idea to drive.

I think there should be a mandatory course for these idiots to take when they buy these big ass vehicles, cuz they have no clue. Sure, they got powerful v8 engines, but they drive them like they are volkswagens. Nothing drives me more crazy when I get behind one at a stop light and they are going straight, and me right. There is SUPPOSED to be enough room for right turners to creep up and turn, but of course these jackasses take up the whole friggin' lane! And when they do BARELY leave enough room, THEY are the ones giving ME the dirty look!!!

I especially like it when these geniouses pull out in front of you, again unaware that they are driving almost 4 tons of steel and fiberglass. It's bad enough they are inconsiderate drivers to start with, but the fact that they don't know how to drive the oversized beasts is worse.

Another thing I hate about these driving impaired nimrods, is they REALLY seem to forget common sense on the highway. "KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS". I hate it when I get behind one of these jerks in the left lane, unable to see through or around the mammoth while they are NOT passing or BARELY doing the speed limit, only to find out 10 miles down the road that there is NO ONE in front of them!!!!

So contact GM, lobby the Auto Dealers, make Oversized Vehicle Training mandatory to all idiots who buy these things!!! Call your Senator!! Vote OVT!!!


Blogger DesertElephant said...

I could create a rant of my own on this subject, so all I'll say is Here Here!

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