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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wimpy Kids

I watched a Denis Leary christmas special the other night. I really like his humor cuz he is in your face and to the point. He was making fun of todays ultra conservative stance on toys for kids and safety and compared them to yesterday's gifts. While he was doing his job as a comedian and making people laugh, he was also dead on with his observations.

For example, he showed a BB gun and addressed the concerns over shooting someone's eye out. Basically, only the stupid, careless kids get their eyes shot out. I agree we may be treating todays generations "too softly". Although they may grow up to be more sensitive (and in most cases ultra liberal) they will be stupid, and wimpy. Any kid who's gotten hurt doing something stupid is pretty sure NOT to do it again!!!

Yeah, I'd feel bad if my son got hurt playing with the "Creepy Crawl" oven, but chances are, after he sticks his hand in it while it's hot, he MOST likely will stop the practice of putting his hands in ovens or, be tough and be able to deal with it if he's dumb enough to do it again.

Bring back the dangerous toys, it makes our kids tuff. We don't need another generation of wimpy, whiny teens who's biggest injury is spraining their fingers on their Cell Phone text messaging each other. We're getting my son a bike for this christmas, and be sure that we will take the training wheels off as soon as possible, so he learns that LIFE doesn't come with training wheels. Pain and injuries are a part of life, the sooner we learn to deal with them, the tougher people we will be, and the less likely will we be put out due to these experiences.

By all means, be safe and cautious, but don't be a weeny.


Blogger DesertElephant said...

I blame the lack of REAL injury in kids today on the rise of Goths and CRAPPY poetry. You can trace the roots back to around the time kid's raised Dr. Spock style became teens. And, since no one beat these goth bastards when they were little, I make a point to do it whenever I can now that they are adults.

Good post man.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Justin said...

Ahh yes...the old toys...I had a rifle when I was little, it looked reak, cocked like a real rifle, and shot little cork balls...sure you could take an eye out...but that wasn't nearly as funny as shooting someone in the ass lol. And lawn jarts...I'm having flashbacks now...why did they get rid of those...I can do more damage with horseshoes..we still have those...And bikes...I remember when I was little (like up to 13) when everyone got around by bike, I still have scars (as I'm sure anyone who has ever ridden alot) Lesson 1 was when you fall (no if there) put your hands out...they heal better then your face. Lesson 2, don't stop suddenly unless you have a good grip on the handlebars(no sliding off the seat on to that metal bar, no matter how much padding)

6:23 AM  
Anonymous suicidal_hayte said...

hellz ya thats right. did you know that whenever you calll your ida a prince or princess you'r refering to the "leaders of wimpedopnia"

3:35 PM  

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