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Monday, November 28, 2005


Well, I'm back after a loooong weekend, and sadly enough, not much to write about!!!

There is DEFINITELY a reason Thankgiving is a 4 day weekend, especially if you are the one hosting the dinner. Thursday, of course was extrememly busy. We had a house full of people, but I didn't get to really talk to any of them, because of all the crazy things you worry about when you have the Big Dinner. All went well, all the food was great, but of course, it took the other 3 days to recuperate, mostly due to the fact that every piece of silverware and dishware I owned were used.

I think we need to lobby for Monday off as well. It should be one of those holidays that are gauged by the amount of leftovers you have. Simply put, you can't go back to work until all of your leftovers are gone!!! If that were the case, I'd be off 'til march, cuz we got a 24 lb turkey. Yes, it was big, but you don't really get an idea how big until after 12 people have eaten until they are full and you see that you have MORE than half of the turkey still left!!!

Now that I AM back at work, it's just a few weeks away until Christmas, and we pretty much do it all over again. Thankfully someone else is doing the dinner for that one....


Blogger DesertElephant said...

Man... reading this post makes me glad that all I had to do for Thanksgiving was shower and bring soda. Oh, and I drove since I have the better car between me and my dad. Go go Gadget Grand Am.

1:45 PM  

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