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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Give it up SONY!!!

This just in from slashdot:

    "As reported by InformationWeek, Sony BMG Music's controversial copy-protection scheme can be defeated with a small piece of tape. According to thinktank Gartner analysts Martin Reynolds and Mike McGuire, Sony's XCP technology is stymied by sticking a fingernail-size piece of opaque tape on the outer edge of the CD. 'After more than five years of trying, the recording industry has not yet demonstrated a workable DRM scheme for music CDs. Gartner believes that it will never achieve this goal as long as CDs must be playable by stand-alone CD players.'"

I remember Sony's last such feeble attempt was foiled by using a sharpie on the outer edge a few years back. I'm glad they keep failing, because they keep spending TON$ of money and getting screwed trying to screw people over.

So what If I copy a cd to give to a couple friends. At $17 a pop, they are MORE than making enough money from the less savvy consumer. And quite frankly, I make it a point that if I like the artist, I WILL buy the album.

How many times I have been burned by buying an album and there only being 1 good song. Not anymore.

I think SONY should spend less time trying to screw John Q Public for the benefit of folks like Lars UlRICH who have million$ and can do just fine without my $17 a year for their crappy albums.


Blogger DesertElephant said...

I agree with this totally. I think it's crap that there is such a broohaha about CD burning when those who like will buy. File sharing programs protect us from having to buy crappy stuff. Perhaps if Sony spent the cheddar on DECENT music and albums with great songs, more people would fork over. Besides, anyone stupid enough to pay $17 dollars for CDs anymore is just a rube. The damned things are cheaper than a Tiajuana donkey show to make too. They just need to cut back on their damned overhead, and maybe they might just make a profit again. But at least their keeping programmers employed. Proggies are probably making them easy to defeat because even they think it's a dumbass idea.

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